About Baktriana

Baktriana BV is a global technology platform working to empower general retail goods space and its retailers. Our mission is to connect retailers and buyers for hassle-free sales and purchases’ transactions with no economic borders.

We have named ourselves after a 3rd Century BCE Central Asian kingdom, which was recognized for fusing cultures between east and west through Silk Road trading, as well as after the Bactrian camel who helpfully enabled the delivery of goods along the ancient trade route. Likewise, we are here to make it easier for every consumer and retailer to buy and sell in today’s dynamic global market.

Baktriana, our luxury business arm, is a global e-commerce platform to connect retailers and buyers of luxury goods across the globe with a special focus on the South East Asian activity. It is an online marketplace for international luxury designers, sellers, retailers, boutiques, etc, to put on a sale of their unique collection covering a variety of goods and experiences. Baktriana offers a safe network and space to excel at trading compliantly on a world stage. We endeavor to be at the forefront of technological innovation and maintain a competitive edge while also doing well for the planet and its people in a green manner.

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